Monday, May 24, 2010


I love my missionary friends! Whenever I mention getting a letter from a missionary the obvious question comes up and just to, I am not waiting for a missionary and no, I did not date any of them prior to their missions. So there you go. Since that issue is now out of the way, let me tell you about my two best friends, Michael aka Mike and Stephen aka Bones.

Mike is serving in Toronto, Canada right now and he actually writes "eh" in his letters....not sure if that is on purpose or if he really is turning into a Canadian. But I got a letter from him this last weekend and here is a direct quote from it, "It really has been quite some time. But I understand. Not too many people still write me. Oh well, I just keep on keepin' on being a missionary." Oh my gosh it broke my heart! haha Towards the end of the semester I got so caught up in school that it took me almost three months to get a letter out to him and now I feel like a horrible friend! I swear I will get better! But honestly, Mike writes some of the best letters and is always so positive and uplifting....even if after four years he still can't spell my name right.

Bones is serving in Curitiba, Brazil and it takes FOREVER for letters to get back and forth between us. Bones is my best friend, we became really close senior year and talked weekly my first year at school while he sat around waiting to leave on the mish. He always has a funny story to tell in his letters. I think some of his Brazilian companions have been pretty crazy so I always get a good laugh out of his letters but I can still see how strong he has become in the gospel. Because we were so close, Bones is the best when it comes to encouragement and advice. His Christmas card was a picture of him standing next to a man in a pink speedo. Classic. I almost barfed.
These pics are from seminary graduation two years ago. Crazy how fast time flies! Aaron is also in this pic, he is serving in Puerto Rico right now. We were never really close, but I always I had a small crush on him....good guy! Lo has been married for about a month and half now and I can't get over it! She is the first of my friends back home to get married, crazy stuff!
Can't wait to see these guys next February and March!

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