Sunday, September 19, 2010

Oh Sundays

Here is a story.... My freshman year I enrolled in Institute because I felt like I should. I went just the right amount of days to get credit for the class and then didn't bother to enroll the second semester. I kind of have problems going to class. Like I don't have problems with the classes themselves, I just hate actually going to class. So last year I decided to give Institute another try and I took a class called "The Life of Christ" from Bro. Maughan and it was amazing! My now roommate Alyssa was also in the class and she made sure I got there. Spring semester came and I decided to take another class from Bro. Maughan and my attendance went up even more. It was a definite improvement and I noticed the change in my life through my attendance. It was great.

So this semester my roommates decided to embark on a class that actually terrifies me....Marriage Prep. Yep, I still cringe when I tell people I got peer pressured into taking it. Marriage terrifies me more than almost anything else so this class is kind of hard for me. The material we have covered so far has been really good, talking about families and the purpose of the eternal family. But I am still struggling with it. It should definitely get better though!

Ok now for the funny part. I got a calling in church this week. And I am now the Ward Institute Rep. My job is to promote Institute and get people to sign up for classes. My bishop asked me a ton of questions about different organizations in the church and when Institute came up I told him exactly what I've said above, and then he asked me to be the Rep. It was semi awkward and the Lord really does work in mysterious ways. Alyssa leaned over and referred to it as a bit of an oxymoron and I call it karma. I'm excited because I've never really had a calling, so it will be an experience. It will be my real world marketing experience. Got to get the hype up about Institute!

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  1. Shan! I'm so excited for you! That is fabulous!! And it was SO great to talk to you on Sunday, i'm so glad you called!!