Thursday, July 15, 2010

Memory Lane

Today I took a trip down memory lane in my memory box. I have two Rubbermaid totes full of important things I have saved over the years. It is kind of fun looking through everything, seeing pictures and remembering childhood friends. I cried a little and laughed a lot. I was a serious pack-rat!
I have one binder full of birthday cards, handouts from young women's, school projects, and notes from family and friends. I found two papers that really stuck out to me. The one on notebook paper is an invitation to a Christmas Eve sleepover including a diagram of where each of us got to sleep and a time-line of when we would get up and when we would wake up our parents. The other one just goes to show how entrepreneurial I was at a young age. It's a sign-up sheet for my makeover business. Yes, I used to make my sisters sign up to let me do their hair and make-up. But honestly...I think I was probably twelve or thirteen when I did this one....but there were many! I love my two younger sisters to death! I know I used to be super bossy when we would play but it was so much fun! Being the teacher or the mom was just part of being the oldest, special privileges for me. :)
Of course I also found many pictures my brother drew for me, they are some of my favorites. I still have one note from him that I keep on my bulletin board at school . It says something about him hoping I am "all ready to go to collage" and it makes me happy. I love my brother!

There are a lot of different things I saved from high school. It's crazy how much those four years really impacted my life. I have my diploma and tassels, including the honors chords. Plaques from swim team, student government, and DECA. A swim cap and my sash and crown from prom court. In another folder I have tons and tons of certificates. High school was a big deal, but who am I today?

I worked so hard and tried to accomplish everything I possibly could in those four years, but was it really worth it? Yeah it was, but I think that I really cared too much. Looking back is so crazy. I have changed so much since graduation. I know all of us do. But looking through everything, it felt like I was a completely different person. All of these keepsakes are nice, but the Shana that attended Kennewick High School and the Shana that is attending Utah State are so different it almost is unbelievable. I'm proud of what I have done but I am even more excited for everything I will do.

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