Saturday, February 26, 2011


I am at work right now, and I am bored.

So I decided to look up random facts about me. Here it goes.

Shana means God is Gracious in Hebrew and Beautiful in Yiddish.

I share a birthday with Ryan Phillipe. Super cool.

According to "This Day in History," the first ever drunk driving arrest happened on my birthday. That is also super cool.

My horoscope for the day goes as follows:

You need to get some serious feedback — not just criticism, but creative inspiration. Your good energy means you can seek out the right people and get them to give you honest, positive advice.

There is one tried and true rule that applies to all sports, so why not apply it to your life? Keep your eye on the ball. In a work context, if you focus on the action, you will automatically be a part of it. In a romantic context, keeping your eye on the ball means focusing on the right thing — your relationship. This is not a time for claiming your territory and fighting to maintain power. This is a time to compromise and accept that everything might not always go your way.

Happy Saturday!

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