Thursday, February 3, 2011

On My Mind

I am a planner.
There is no questioning of that fact.

I like to have a plan and know exactly what is going on and what will be happening for months to come. Things happen, plans change, but I still like to have some sort of idea.

So here is my latest life plan.

I met with my adviser yesterday and I will be graduating in December! She told me I could apply for graduation anytime between now and August. I am excited!

After graduation I want to go to Taiwan and teach English to children. Nat showed me the program and I am trying to convince her to wait and go in December when I can go, instead of this summer.
I think it would be the most challenging/rewarding/amazing experience.

Then I want to go to grad school.

I have decided that I want to get a master's in advertising.
I was thinking of either an MBA, or a master's in marketing or HR,
but the more I think about it, the more I realize that I love public relations.
Advertising programs are run through communications
schools and connected to PR.
I am tired of finance and accounting classes so I don't think a
business program is the right fit for me.

I know this is what I want to do and I know that it is
insanely hard to break into the field,
so I think a master's can help set me apart and make sure
I am truly ready to jump into the world of advertising.

I am looking at Michigan State, University of Texas, University of Illinois, and Syracuse (and a few others). It is so intense!
I will be taking the GRE in May or June so I can start applying in the fall.

Let's be honest.
This plan will probably drastically change.
But I like it for now.
It makes me happy.

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  1. dude good for you!! GRE just sounds sooo intense :) good luck!! and ps i love you! :)