Thursday, February 24, 2011

Catch Up Time

This weekend was definitely my favorite of the semester, thus far. Seriously. Last week was pretty grand in general and this week is playing off of that.

  • My bestie Andi got her mission call! She is going to the Marshall Islands and leaves on June 1. It's so crazy and I am going to miss that girl a ton!
  • I made the first real, grown-up, big purchase of my life. I bought a car! I get to pick it up on Saturday and I am so excited; pics to come!
  • This last weekend was party at the Needham historical mansion. Friday we went to the BANFF Film Festival and I left wanting to learn how to surf and fly fish. It was super cool! Then we sat around Scott's house and I got a tour of the mansion. It is really creepy, but I kind of love it. Saturday was Scott's B-day bash and we had a dance party. We had an insane snow storm and Kaela and I almost slid off the road on our way over, so we turned back. About an hour later, Stormie picked me up and the roads were fine. I hate Logan's weather. Sunday night we had a lockdown. No one was allowed to leave the house once they got there. It was such a fun night! Definitely a night of bonding, I love my friends!

I am a happy girl. That is all.

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