Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Bad things happen. It is part of life.
But as cheesy as it sounds, there is always a rainbow after the rain.

So the Saturday after finals I decided to drive up to my cousin's graduation party.The roads were pretty bad and it was a scary drive. I was outside of Idaho Falls when I hit some ice while I was switching lanes and I ended up slamming into a guard rail.

I hit the rear end on the passenger side and it bent some things under there. (I don't know cars at all!) I couldn't get my car started and I was still partly in the road, facing the wrong direction. I was hysterical and I didn't know what to do.

With some help, I got my car off the road and I got to deal with a state patrolman. He was super nice and helped me figure out how to get my car running and even turned it around for me. We were there for almost an hour and he was really nice to me. But it's the nice ones you have to look out for. They're the ones that give you an $85 ticked for speeding above that which is reasonable and prudent. I'm still mad about that.

I never want to be an another accident ever again! My uncle came and rescued me and kept my car at his house until my parents could get there. I am so lucky to have such great family. I really appreciated his willingness to drop what he was doing and come help me. It's really scary when you get in an accident in Idaho, coming from Utah, and your parents are in Washington.

So that is the bad thing. But here is the good news. My dad worked on the car and it is drivable, meaning it can get me to and from work and it will never be able to leave Logan again. I'm saving up for a new car now!

I got a second job! I am now also working at the Logan Library. I am super excited because the money from the one library just isn't going to cut it if I am also trying to buy a car. I am grateful for both of my jobs. I am a little librarian!

For the first time at USU, I got a 4.0! I worked really hard this semester and I am glad that it paid off. I am starting to look at grad school a little more seriously and grades definitely help.

So I may have been a little traumatized and it will be a while before I drive on Idaho roads again, but my car works, I have two great jobs, and I rocked this last semester.

I am happy.

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