Monday, March 1, 2010

This is how my weekend went....

Friday night watched the Invention of Lying with Stacey, Karen and Caitlyn.

Saturday worked out with Stacey at the Fieldhouse, went grocery shopping, forgot my hamburger and had to go back for it, had an epic game night with some of the coolest people around, went on a Wendy's frosty run.

Sunday went to church, linger-longer with lasagna, pumpkin pie for Grandpa's birthday, Stacey's orchestra concert, dessert night at Jessica's, Sig Ep Sunday's, "I've Never" with Meg, Lar, Banks, and Freshy, True Aggie Night.

The Amazing Game of Scum

Freshy's Crappy Hand

The Cool Couch (Me, Stetson aka Freshy, Karen, & Carlie)

The Scums (Banks & Dusty)

The Sig Eps (Erik & Matt)

The Other Cool Couch (Caitlyn, Tia, & Brian)

The Seats That Always Won (Kristin, Larry, & Erica)

We Love Wendy's!

Stacey's Orchestra Concert

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  1. oh yay! i love that my name is in your blog at least four times... honored. love you :) and thanks tons for coming to the orchestra concert!