Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I LUV New York!

Let me tell you about my New York trip... it rocked!
I went with Erin and Kelsey and the three of us had a blast. Kelsey had a
friend that was living up there so we got to stay for free.
The three of us slept sideways on a futon. It was an adventure.
We landed in New York around noon on Friday and our shuttle picked us up for the airport at 2:50 Sunday morning. Quick trip. Best day and a half. I loved it.

We didn't get to see the real Statue of Liberty, but I think we got the picture.

We ate Pizza at Sal's in Little Italy.

Grand Central Station was so neat!

We found the Whisper Room. If you stand at opposite corners and talk into the wall, you can hear each other. We learned that from Arthur. It was cool!

We also got to hold actual Oscar statues. It weighed 8 pounds. We felt like celebrities.

Tiffany's. Wow. The rings were gorgeous!

One of our favorite places was FAO Schwartz. I swear I am really a 5-year-old kid at heart and I thought it was the most amazing place ever.

We went to Central Park.

We bought hot dogs from a street vendor.

Times Square was one of my favorites. The ads were so neat! I feel pretty content with my major, advertisements make me extremely happy.

We had a successful weekend!

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