Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Break 2011!

This is Mazzy the Mazda.
I feel so grown up.

So the Friday that Spring break began,
my good friend Jeff made pizza

and then we made yummy mango salsa.
Then I drew Kaela and Gram an awesome map of how to get to Richland.
I went home for three days and hung out with my twin.
We played a lot of Just Dance 2.
I came back to Logan and made Ph'zookies with Jeff and Garrett.
Kaela and I took Mazzy to a car wash.
Then we ate dinner together. It was so good!
This is post spring break...but I tried on a pair of Rick's really expensive and ridiculous jeans.
I am smaller than he is.
And then we practiced photo-bombing with Priscilla the Purple Patronus, or the fetus, as we like to call her.

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