Friday, November 19, 2010

I Don't Need Sleep....Ever...

A week has gone by and I have been slacking on my blog. This week I have been running on zero energy but still doing way too much. I am excited that it is the weekend and I get to sleep in as late as I want! So here are my rants and thoughts of the week. (I'll have to put some pictures up later.)
  • I really don't like BYU. It's nothing personal, there are some great people that attend school down there and there are some great academic programs, but I am so glad I go to USU. First of all, the refs at the basketball game made some really bad calls. What's new? There is rarely a game that is full of wonderful, fair calls, but seriously the refs really screwed this one up. The final score 72-78. It was such a close game but so disappointing.
  • I rock at making signs. I had the privilege of writing out all of our signs for the game. They looked so good and we were only threatened about 15 times to have them taken away from us....not because of the content...but because they were too big.
  • The one good thing about getting carsick is that I get to ride shotgun and not squeeze in the back. We had some fun jam/dance sessions in the car.
  • First time eating at In and Out Burger. I was impressed.
Now for Harry Potter....
  • Andi, Amy, and Brooke got to the theater at 1:30 and stayed there all day. They were troopers!
  • I came around 6 for two hours then had to leave for a meeting so I was there for about 4 1/2 hours before the movie.
  • Our Weird Sister outfits rocked.
  • I almost shed a tear when Dobby died.
  • I hate I definitely screamed ridiculously loud at a certain part. It was a little embarrassing.
Now for my five things of the week.
  1. Glee's version of Teenage Dream.
  2. Mini road trips.
  3. Having sore abs.
  4. Juice.
  5. Dirty 30.

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