Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Over That!

My new phrase/motivation to keep moving forward/words to live by is Over That!!

Life sucks sometimes... ok... a lot of the time...but the way you handle a situation and stay positive really shows a lot about your character.

Boys can be lame. One thing doesn't work out...move on and get over that! Don't let it drag you down into a pity party. Sometimes you need to vent and let all of those emotions out and that is ok, but once you do... get over that... don't drag it on longer than is necessary. Find humor in everything and laugh it off....get over that! This week I have learned that it's a lot easier to go for guys that have the same interests as you, rather than complete opposites, it's ok to be friends with ex's and it can even be a good thing, and it is usually a bad thing to flirt with guys that have girlfriends because obviously it isn't going to go anywhere. I am over that!

The high for today is 28 degrees.....an hour ago when I hiked up the treacherous hill it was 3 degrees. What the heck, Logan? What a tease! I swear last week it was high 30's and maybe low 40's, I am so tired of the cold and just want spring to be here! But honestly, complaining about the weather isn't going to change it. I didn't have to come to school in Logan, I am lucky that I got such a great scholarship and should feel honored... so I need to suck it up and get over that.

The fridge accidentally got bumped and turned up all the way and froze my milk and sloppy joe. Yes I am annoyed with the slushy milk I put in my cereal, but I could have been the one to bump it... so therefore I need to get over that.

Life goes on and eventually you look back at everything and feel dumb for making things more dramatic than they needed to be. When one person is freaking out and being grumpy...everyone feeds off of it and has a similar attitude and that's no fun. So get over that!


  1. wow girl I feel like you wrote this for me. I was such a dramatic grump the other day! Not that you knew that, but I could have used this then. haha Don't worry. I'm over that :)

  2. Welcome to Utah and our four seasons!