Monday, February 1, 2010

How do you kill a cactus?

Tragedy of my life....My cactus is DEAD!!!
It is so sad and I miss it a lot.
I got it down in Palm Springs, CA, during spring break of my junior year.
2 1/2 years...and it is gone!

Saturday I went up to Lindsay's baby shower at
my Aunt Heather's house in Idaho.
Cheyenne Sheleigh is the cutest baby!
She didn't even cry when I held her and all babies cry when I hold them.

It was a lot of fun! Lindsay's friends thought
Heather and I were sisters. We look alike!

Grandma sent me home with chicken salad.
Great Day!
Then I went to the Basketball game against San Jose State.
Dave has amazing connections and we ended up on the
second row behind the basket, it was soooo much fun!
We stood next to a girl that had made a sign
that said, "No way, Jose!"
The Aggies won and it was seriously the best game
I've been to so far. Those close seats are amazing!
Sunday I went over to my grandparents house and had
chicken and stuffing casserole. Love it!
I meant to be productive and do homework,
but it never happened.
I hung out at Alyssa and Des's house for waffles
and had a good time.
I miss officially being on the A-Team!

My little sister turned 15 yesterday!
She is getting so old! It's crazy that she is getting her
driving crazy!

I found out today that my travel immunizations
are ridiculously expensive!
$90 for a yellow fever shot


  1. That cactus picture may be my favorite one ever. Not gonna lie.

  2. :( when is the funeral? we should probably bury it next to your jeans...